Our Minister


Rev Lesley-Ann Wilson is our third minister in Ballycrochan. She completed her training and was ordained in 2011 as Associate Minister in First Comber Presbyterian Church. Lesley-Ann was formerly a lecturer in Cultural Management at the University of Ulster. Prior to this she had a background in heritage and arts management and worked throughout the UK and Ireland. Lesley-Ann came to faith in Christ when she was 27. She has a heart for people and is dedicated to helping people discover the deep personal transformation that only comes from saving faith in Jesus.


The Staff

Portraits by Ricky Parker

Tom Henry


Clerk of Session

Michael Brackenridge


Congregational Secretary

Lesley-Ann Wilson



Sarah Mcclure




Bill Aiken


Committee Chair


The Elders

Florence Blair
Pastoral Ministry

Michael Brackenridge
Congregational Secretary

Pat Woods
International Mission

Maureen Greer
Prayer Ministry

Tom Henry
Clerk of Session

Billy Hyndman
Music and praise

Robert Larke

Barry Lowry
Online ministry

Angela Martin
Music and praise

Jim Patterson
Church estate

Brian Payne
Music and praise

Evelyn Shaw
Children and young people

Tom Shaw
Foreign Mission

Isobel Walker
Pastoral ministry

Mark Wynne
Children and Young People

Forty five years ago there was nothing in this area, only fields.  As the town of Bangor grew, new houses were built and new people and families came to live in the area.  They wanted somewhere local to worship God and at that time the Presbyterian Church helped local communities who wanted to start a new church.  Under the Church Extension Scheme, Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church began as a new fellowship in 1974. The people who were the founding members met initially in a humble wooden hut and used a biscuit tin for the weekly offerings (look out for the drawing of the hut in the church foyer).

These people, under the leadership of the first Minister, the Rev Alec Beattie, prayed together and God gave them the vision and passion to build a new church in Ballycrochan area.  Land was acquired and the foundation stone of Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church was laid on 29th October 1977.  This building, now used as our halls, soon became too small for the rapidly growing congregation.  So, after Ballycrochan became established as a fully-fledged congregation in 1981, Rev Beattie, and the newly elected Kirk Session began to contemplate the provision of a new church building to accommodate 500 at worship.  Key decisions had yet to be taken when the Rev Beattie accepted a call to minister in Donegal.

The new Minister, the Rev Douglas Bradley, the Kirk Session and Committee and church members responded enthusiastically to the challenge to provide a new Church and the Building Fund began to grow steadily.  The Presbyterian Church in Ireland agreed to make a large contribution to congregation’s building fund to help get the project completed as soon as possible.   At the same time, through the initiative of the BB Captain, an opportunity was realized to build a free-standing hall for youth work through a government job-creation scheme - at the cost of materials alone. The project to build the hall – to be known as the Special Purpose Unit (SPU) – became an integral part of the congregation’s building programme.

The excitement and enthusiasm generated by the building projects grew steadily and it was with a sense of great thanksgiving that the congregation witnessed the opening of the new church by the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Right Rev Principal Finlay Holmes on Saturday 13th October 1990.